Blueberries can still surprise me after all these years of raising and taking care of them. A few days ago, I came back from a little vacation and checked the field. A few were turning, so I picked a couple of handfuls to eat for breakfast the next morning with my yogurt. They were OK, but I guessed at least three more weeks before we could really get some good berries, Boy was I wrong. Mother nature said "GO" a few days later and they all turned blue! They're perfect, they're sweet, they're plentiful and they're ready for you to come and pick them.


Our prices this year are $15.00 for one of our 5-quart buckets, plus $2.00 if you want to take the bucket with you. PLEASE use our buckets to measure your berries with, since our pricing calibration is based on the size of our buckets only.

Please note that one of our sacks will hold much more than a bucket, and the price is per bucket, not per sack. Besides, if you put a lot of berries in a sack, you will compress the berries on the bottom and have a bit of a mess too.


Picking early in the morning will get you sweeter berries. The sugars increase during the night and the berries will retain those sugars after you pick them. But the very best time is a few hours after a rain! We encourage tasting as you go—it’s fun!


This is a working farm, so as always, be aware of your surroundings and watchful of bumblebees, honeybees, fireants and mosquitos, tractors, mowers, dogs and possible unicorns. Come prepared! Bring your hat, wear your sunscreen, drink plenty of water, make it a family affair and bring your camera too. Feel free to have a picnic on our grounds if you like.

I have uploaded an AERIAL VIDEO of some of the sights of the farm; click HERE to view it.

Also, this AERIAL PHOTO will direct you to the Blueberry Field.

Happy pickin' and we look forward to seeing you down on the farm!

-John & Pam


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