Come on out and pick the freshest, sweetest Blueberries on the most pleasant farm around. Easy access! If the Elves knew about our blueberries, they’d move out of their tree,  under our bushes and quit baking cookies!


This is shaping up to be one of our very best crops of blueberries in several years.  They are very plentiful, very plump, very sweet and ready to start picking. As most of you seasoned pickers already know, blueberries continue to ripen through mid-to-end July. Right now, all three cultivars are ripening quickly and are extremely sweet and tasty!!!


Once again this year we are leaving our prices at $13.00 for one of our 5-quart buckets, plus $1.00 if you want to take the bucket with you. One of our 5-quart buckets weighs out at about seven and one-half (7.5) lbs. This is for a BUCKET not a SACK since a sack will hold almost two buckets.


Hint: Picking early in the morning will get you sweeter berries. The sugars increase during the night and the berries will retain those sugars after you pick them.


For those of you that have not visited us for blueberries before, the blueberry field is to the north of the sales building, past the muscadine vineyard. The berries you pick should be a powder blue all the way to a deep blue. Feel free to taste!


This is a working farm. As always, be aware of your surroundings and watchful of bumblebees, honeybees, fireants and mosquitos! Come prepared! Bring your hat, wear your sunscreen, drink plenty of water.


Happy pickin' and we look forward to seeing you down on the farm!

-John & Pam

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